The wider area of Pediada, where we are, is a very special place that has been inhabited since antiquity. As regards the Minoan era, there are thousands of sites, including the Minoan Palaces and the unique Minoan communications network of “fryktories”.

As archaeologist Nikos Panagiotakis points out in his study, this is an area rich in agricultural and livestock products as well as folk art, like pottery in the village of Thrapsano.

In all the places described in this page we have contacts with people that would welcome and facilitate you during your visit.


What should you visit?

In Kastelli you will find banks and a postal office, as you could do your shopping from the local stores and supermarkets. In addition to that you could visit the archaeological site of Kastelli, or hang out in the old town square, the “Meidani”.


Traditional Villages

Some villages, like Smari, have been officially declared to keep a traditional architecture and style. So they are worth visiting, as is the Acropolis of Smari and the nearby creameries.

Still though, the rest of the villages have some equally important traditional characteristics and qualities, so they are also worth visiting. To name but a few:

The village Sampas is near to us as is the Miliarakis winery. In Thrapsano there are dozens of potteries, where you have the opportunity to know this art and their creations. The villages Karouzana and Agios Panteleimonas lie between unique natural landscapes.

At the villages of the Riza area, such as Lytos, Kastamonitsa, Amariano and others, you will find traditional products, fountains at the village squares, or you could visit the site of ancient Lyktos, or walk some unique routes to the mountain Dikty, as is the ancient trail towards the plateau.

At the village of Spyridano there’s an ancient curative source. At the village of Galatas you will find the ruins of the Minoan Palace of Galata and many other interesting stuff to be informed about.


Wineries · Distilleries · Creameries · Apiaries

There are enough wineries and distilleries, are part of the “Wine Roads” network, that are at close distance from the farm (5 to 35 minutes). At Kastelli, Apostoloi, Sampa, Peza, Alagni, Thrapsano, Skalani, Houdetsi and elsewhere you can enjoy the taste of many wines or tsikoudia.

Also near to us there are excellent creameries with award-winning products such as cheese, yoghurt, milk, mizithra cheese, and other. Finally in our area you can find apiaries producing splendid thyme honey..!



  • Palace of Knossos
  • Palace of Lyktos
  • Palace of Galata
  • Acropolis of Smari
  • Minoan fryktories


  • Museum of Nikos Kazantzakis at Myrtia
  • Archaeological Museum of Heraklion
  • Museum of Modern History at Heraklion
  • Museum of Natural History at Heraklion
  • Cretaquarium at Gouves

Entertainment & Cultural activities

As the farm is situated at the center of the island and near to the most visited tourist areas of Greece, like Hersonissos (20 minutes away), you will have plenty options in these departments.

  • The beaches of Hersonissos are 20-25 minutes away of our farm.
  • Throughout the summertime, you can choose between local festivals that happen in most of the nearby villages.
  • The Houdetsi Music Festival takes place every August at Houdetsi, with musicians from all over the world.
  • End of July at Astritsi, the Cultural Theatrical Camping takes place.
  • The water park and Golf course of Hersonissos lie also in close distance (15 minutes away).