Orgon Farm

The idea to create the farm originated 25 years ago. Imagination and functionality began leading us on and we as a family started to create. The old deserted estates and the previously abandoned land slowly transformed to sustainable and productive agricultural area. At the same time, the farmland we already had been cultivating also developed with us.

Time by time we realized that a farm is a continuous effort, a process always progressing and never really ending. Every now and then things will change: repairs, additions, creations and innovations happen all the time.. Above all our wish was to do all this in an ecologically sustainable way; so we have achieved it through natural and biological cultivation techniques, and other methods.


Agrotourism Village

The Agrotourism Village, an extension of the Orgon Farm family, is situated 400 meters away. It offers authentic agrotouristic houses, immersing you in the beauty of nature, engaging activities, and warm hospitality. Experience the organic charm of Crete Island by booking your stay online and embracing the tranquil lifestyle.



During your stay in our houses or during your visit, you can participate in various agricultural works, in the processing or in our theme activities.

Depending on the season and the needs you can take part in:
A. collection of agricultural products, herbs, or wild greens,
B. weed control, pruning, or planting,
C. processing of tomatoes, must, carobs, and cereal (production and baking of bread).

It is an opportunity to have a life experience about contact with the natural biological ways of producing; but also to acquire knowledge and practical experience about the biological agricultural methods, the making of compost, the creation of active microorganisms (A.M.) and earthworm humus (vermicompost).


Theatrical Play

For those of you who are interested to come in contact with Theatrical Play, they can do it with us, whether it is in theory or in action. We support Theatrical Play for the school of “Lakis Kourentzis”



Prepare yourself for an exciting astronomical adventure as we utilize the powerful 9-inch telescope to explore the wonders of the night sky. Together, we will discover celestial bodies such as planets and constellations, deepening our understanding and appreciation for the cosmos. This experience at Orgon Farm promises to be a memorable and enlightening journey into the vast universe above us.


Natural Orgone therapy

Orgon Farm seems to offer a rejuvenating and energy-boosting experience that allows you to enjoy activities like reading or listening to music while undergoing the treatment. This combination of relaxation and stimulation may help improve your overall well-being and mood.


Walking & hiking

In addition to having a walk in the picturesque little streets of the nearby villages, we would also propose some routes for hiking that are not so far away. These include visits to Minoan sites. Other routes that are further away are to the mountain Dikty (Minoan trail), or to Neraidospilio (“Cave of fairies”) at the village Astraki.